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Assistive Medical Products Need a Facelift – Soon!

Ugly products!I’m not the only one who asks why medical products have to be so darn ugly…and I really believe that as we see a migration of Boomers into the category of “elderly,” there will be many more people asking what can be done about it (somewhere around 20% of the US population!)

It is reasonable to assume that cost is the impetus for these weak design outcomes. It is just easier and cheaper to make ugly stuff out of basic materials. But for anyone smacking their lips at the massive aging Boomer market, these products are just not going to do.

I think that Boomers’ idealist identity will always have a great impact on their personal product purchase decisions, far above claims on the Boomer Blog that the “Me Generation” is evolving  to more of a “We Generation” with their:

urge to legacy – drive to find meaning – desire to make a difference and be recognized – wish to mentor and to have its value monetized…

These elderly folks just are not going to accept undignified and ugly assistive healthcare products – but really, who would? Nobody wants to use a product that makes them feel like they are at the last stage of the game. Especially those who don’t really believe in aging in the first place.

Still, I argue that this is a total neglect of the emotional needs of our aging population, but how many device companies are stepping up to improve materials and design? If anyone knows of consumer experience and design-focused medical product companies, please let me know!

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