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Out and about in Emeryville: Annual Amoeba Art Show

Last night I enjoyed the festivities at the 3rd Annual Amoeba Art Show in Emeryville. It really pays to get to these things early as there was a ton of food, booze and space to check out all the installations… by 9 the line was around the block and the libations were decimated.

I want to point out two pieces that grabbed my attention:

  1. Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott’s The Ghost in the Machine piece asked viewers to form a visualization of what they thought the ghost in the machine looked like. Their exhibit comprised two ceiling-high chat windows of commentary from SecondLifers flanking a corkboard to pin your drawings.  A collection of smiley faces and abstract sketches were posted during the course of the evening as people struggled with the challenge – to ease the pain a philosopher was seated by the exhibit to facilitate conversation.Untitled 6
  2. Camille Utterback was running Untitled 6 from her External Measures Series. This interactive piece tracked the movements of viewers and generated graphical elements through a software application that Camille wrote. Watching people intact with the piece was as fascinating as getting sucked into the projected movements themselves.

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