The Archive

I have been compiling The Archive for almost 2 decades.

What started as a simple scrap book of my life has evolved into a massive 25-volume documentation effort. I have all my report cards, high school pictures, love notes, parking tickets, rejection and acceptance letters, boarding passes, and photos in its pages.

I’ve now presented twice at the Quantified Self meet-up group. The first presentation introduced how and why I’ve been compiling this work and the second presentation detailed how I’d like to convert my data input from analog to a digital interface (preferably a 3D interface).

Currently, the format is 8.5 x 11 black card in archival sheet protectors which I then place in 2″ aluminum ring binders. I cut and arrange everything by hand and keep it updated every few weeks. I know what I did or where I was in any given week for the past 10 years, the resolution is a bit fuzzier for dates earlier than that…

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