Imagining VR Use Cases for Health

On Feb 27, a bunch of Kaiser Permanente IT volunteers discussed IT careers in healthcare to about 300 middle and high school girls at an Expanding Your Horizons career conference for young women.  I had a few VR headsets and talked to the girls about how KP was imagining ways to leverage VR technology in health – a very real topic that we are currently exploring.
VRThere lots of VR use cases in development across healthcare such as human simulation software like HumanSim that lets nurses and docs interact in a virtual training scenario. Virtual robotic surgery is also gaining popularity as is surgery prep. There was a recent case where a doc’s 3D printer broke and he switched to Google Cardboard and an MRI scan to plan a complex surgery; much cheaper and faster!
Most of the girls at the event were totally blown away by the immersive 360 VR experience, and then there were a few who had been at Stanford the week before and thought it was the most boring old hat tech they had ever seen…

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