“Body Metrics” human data exhibit launches

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose launched its latest permanent exhibit called Body Metrics. This was one of my pet projects and it took quite some effort to get Kaiser Permanente to fund the exhibit development.

You can see Lath Carlson, VP of Exhibits at the Tech and me demonstrating one of the stations during a media preview on Oct 29, 2014. Tim Ritchie, The Tech’s president mentioned that “The technology involved here is incredibly complex — I think it’s safe to say it’s the most technically ambitious exhibit ever attempted at a science museum.”

This exhibit is all about teaching visitors that their bodies generate data. Visitors begin their experience by checking out a Sensor Kit, a customized three-part system that measures, records, and displays six metrics in real time: activity level, tension, mental focus, talkativeness, attitude, and the number of people nearby. 


There are 5 stations to explore and collect data which can then be visualized by placing the Sensor Kit on the “Data Pool” table – a custom 12ft multi-touch table top (right).

The table displays metrics from the entire visit, including how visitors reacted to everything they saw and felt. It delivers “context awareness” about what might have happened to lead to each emotion, as the data is overlaid on a cascade of photographs recorded by the Sensor Kit.

It’s pretty amazing and you should go check it out!

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