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Park Prescriptions for Better Health!

Park Perscriptions

I am so excited about this concept: Park Prescriptions as a best practice in preventive health. There are several groups pushing to create a national agenda for implementing park prescriptions more widely by further understanding and defining “park prescriptions,” identifying successful models from across the country, and developing standardized measurement and data collection methods that define effectiveness of these programs.

The National Recreation and Park Association is is collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Institute at the Golden Gate in California to further this work.

HERE is a sampling of success stories where parks were prescribed for better health.


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A Chat About Social Media in Healthcare

I was at Social Media Week in San Francisco the other day and met Daryl Pereira who works on IBM’s web and social media strategy. We had a lively conversation about the special challenges healthcare marketers face on social platforms. He later interviewed me on the same topic for a podcast posted on their social business school site. So, I thought I’d write down a few more ideas here…

First of all, healthcare is an incredibly broad term that covers everything from pharma, biotech, medical devices (products) to home health, hospital administration and care delivery (services). The product side of healthcare has more challenges because the FDA has strict guidelines about what you can/can’t say and how you have to respond to off-label issues about your product. For example, if a patient tweets a question about using your sleep drug to deal with a heart condition, the proper response would be to include a warning about off-label use, provide a copy of FDA-required labeling, a list all proper indications, safety information, and references for all the provided information. Whew!

The service side deals with another set of challenges around Personal Health Information, which is governed by HIPAA rules. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that says that a patient has control of his or her own protected health information. Basically the name of the game is protecting patient privacy and you can’t talk about any personal information, which includes giving advice. Those conversations can happen but need to be taken out of the public space; no practicing medicine in public forums.

Still, digital conversations about health happen all the time, and the FDA is slowly playing catch up with how to deal with patient safety and privacy. For example, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) now gives state attorneys general the right to pursue violations of patient privacy. Despite these challenges, there really isn’t an excuse for not participating in the conversation!

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1st HealthCampSFBay event – GAME NIGHT!!!

gamenight-logoWe did it! The first official HealthCampSFBay event is happening on May 27th at Tech Liminal in Oakland! We are going to talk AND play health video games.

In 2008, the US gaming population totaled approximately 174 million, that’s almost 60% of the people in this country! Believe it or not, there is a growing movement to create games that can actually improve your health…

…come join the HealthCampSFBay team in exploring what’s developing on this exciting health gaming front – and then try out the games yourself! Healthy beer and snacks will be available as a panel of developers discuss their recent game projects on the Wii, iPhone, as well as PC. We’ll then open a few consoles for you to actually try the games out.

HealthCampSFBay is a group of passionate consumer-focused healthcare advocates trying to engage industry and the public in healthcare problem solving. This event is hosted at the newly opened Tech Liminal, a technology hotspot and salon in Downtown Oakland. Tech Liminal provides Internet services, training, and event space for small businesses and the local community, focusing on making technology accessible to everyone.

Space is limited. Please fill out your free registration here:

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Top 10 Health 2.0 Buzzwords to Look Up

Lots of new phrases are cropping up in the fledgling world of technology-driven healthcare reform….oh, but please can we call it “improved quality and experience DESIGN” healthcare reform?!

Top 10

  1. Meaningful use
  2. Participatory medicine
  3. Open-source healthcare
  4. The Medical Home
  5. CCR (Continuity of Care Record)
  6. EHR (Electronic Health Record)
  7. The consumer patient
  8. Proactive health consumer
  9. Disruptive techology
  10. Patient-centric approach


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